CARA 2020-2021 Sponsorship Grid

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To partner with CARA on any of these lucrative opportunities, please contact CARA’s Vendor Relations Chair at:
[email protected]


  1. ETHICAL STANDARDS: As a Corporate Partner, the member agrees to uphold and abide by the ethical principles and standards of our parent organization, the California Advancement Researchers Association (CARA), including the fundamental rights of donors to confidentiality, accuracy, relevance, and honesty, as defined in the statement of ethics found on the CARA website:

  2. PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES PROMOTED TO MEMBERSHIP: Products or services promoted to CARA membership (or referred to) must be related to the field of fundraising and normally manufactured or supplied by the Corporate Partner. Products and services must also be compatible with the mission of the California Advancement Researchers Association (CARA). Should any company not meet these requirements, CARA has the right to refuse the Corporate Partner Application.

  3. LIABILITY: Corporate Partner agrees that CARA shall not be held liable for any damages from any cause whatsoever and Corporate Partner will indemnify and hold harmless CARA from all liability whatsoever, caused by negligence or breach of obligation by Corporate Partner or its employees or representatives.

  4. PAYMENT INFORMATION: This application shall become binding upon receipt by CARA and will constitute a binding agreement upon the applicant, subject to the terms, conditions, and regulations set forth. In order to secure your Corporate Partner opportunity, payment in full is required along with this signed CARA Corporate Partner Application. The documents indicating involvement may precede the mailing to ensure the involvement opportunity by emailing documents to [email protected] Sponsorship procurement is determined on a "first-come-first-served" basis.

  5. INABILITY TO PERFORM: In the event that CARA is prevented from holding an event or producing promised member communication or if it cannot permit the Corporate Partner to fulfill advertising or other commitments due to circumstances beyond CARA's control, proportional refunds may be given. All Corporate Partners are also subject to event-specific terms and conditions which apply to each individual event (Seminar Day, Basic Training, or Annual Conference) and will be required to sign additional terms and conditions should the Corporate Partner exhibit at any additional event. Corporate Partners also agree to provide all advertising copy, logos, or other required elements for completion of sponsorship obligation, according to event deadline. No additional layout or artwork will be provided by CARA. The undersigned agrees to abide by all Terms and Conditions as provided in this agreement.